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  • Dingoes celebrate season 2013

    14th December, 2013

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    On the 14th of December, players, family and friends of the Osaka Dingoes met at the Kobe Regatta Club to celebrate season 2013. Everybody enjoyed the festivities and a range of awards were presented. Season 2014 is just around the corner, and for a lot of people it couldn't come fast enough!

    Congratulations to the following players who received awards:

      2013 Club Awards
    • Best and Fairest: Matt Gale
    • Leading Goal Kicker: Matt Gale
    • Best First Year Player: Jarrett Bailey
    • Most Improved: Daniel Perry
    • Rising Star: James Sosich

    Osaka Dingoes 2013 by osakadingoesjafl
    2013OsakaDingoesBestandFairest11-720p by osakadingoesjafl

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    Dingoes fall at the last hurdle

    23rd November, 2013

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    On the 23rd of November, the Osaka Dingoes travelled to Yokohama to compete in the grand final of the Japanese Australian Football League. Despite this being the third grand final in a row for the Dingoes, they were going in as underdogs against the Tokyo Bay Suns who had finished well clear on top of the ladder with a massive percentage. The last time these two teams met, the Suns kicked 10 goals to 0 in the second quarter and the Dingoes lost by over 80 points.

    The game was a close affair throughout and it wasn't until the final quarter when the Suns kicked some junk time goals that the margin began to look a little lopsided. Both teams performed admirably, and at the end of the day, the football gods were not smiling on the boys from Osaka.

    A few key departures will hurt the Dingoes, but after a celebration of the 2013 season at the anual bounenkai, thoughts will turn to the 2014 season. Rest assured, the Dingoes will be a force to be reckoned with again and we hope as many people can come out and join us for the next season!

    Tokyo Bay Suns - 17.9:111, Osaka Dingoes - 12.14:86

    Goals:M.Gale 9, J.Cooper, Y.Tsutsumi, T.Seto 1


    1st Quarter
    2nd Quarter
    3rd Quarter
    4th Quarter

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    Dingoes claw their way past Senshu

    9th November, 2013


    On the 9th of Novemeber, the Osaka Dingoes faced off against a traveling Senshu Power team in a must win semi final. The winner would advance to the grand final for a chance to take on the all conquering Tokyo Bay Suns and the loser would be left thinking about what might have been. Despite losing by a considerable amount to the Dingoes just over a month before, a more ferocious Senshu team was expected given the importance of the game. Having finished second in the 2013 JAFL season, the Dingoes earned themselves a home final, and win or lose, this would be the last game on home soil for the Dingoes in 2013. As a result, the crowd was easily the biggest that has ever attended a Dingoes game.

    The first quarter did not disappoint and was a very free flowing affair. Both teams had their moments in the middle of the ground and provided their forwards with a lot of opportunities. True to form, Matt Gale kicked 7 for the quarter, but the Senshu team were switching the play and running the ball in numbers. Whereas last time these two teams played, a lot of forward entries from the Powers were kick in hope long bombs that resulted in turn overs, this time the Powers were displaying exceptional skill and their forwards were capitalizing on their opportunities. Senshu kicked 5 for the quarter and the difference at the first break was 12 points.

    The ferocity of the second quarter was a shock to the Dingoes. The Power controlled the play and were winning the ball in the middle of the ground. They kicked four goals to two for the quarter and with the Dingoes' ruckman Dan Perry going down with an injury, the unthinkable was looking like happening. After such a dominant season, it looked highly probable that the Dingoes would fall at one of the last hurdles. The margin at the half time break was only four points, and it was game on.

    After some inspiring words from the coach at half time where Nick had to remind him to use language more suitable for the kids in attendance, the Dingoes finally clicked and started controlling the run of play. The third quarters of their games has been a strong point of the Dingoes this year and before this game they had outscored their opponents 37.21 to 12.18 in what is colloquially known as the premiership quarter. The Dingoes were winning the ball out of the middle and the Dingoes midfielders were starting to look a lot more confident. The Dingoes kicked 4 goals to 2 for the quarter and set up a 16 point buffer going into the last change.

    Despite a commanding performance in the third quarter, the margin was by no means unassailable and with a spot on the 2013 JAFL grand final on the line, both teams gave it their all. With the first few goals of the quarter though, the Dingoes went a long way towards putting the game beyond doubt in the early stages of the final term. In the end, the Dingoes added three goals to two and finished up 21 point winners.

    This game was the first time the season had been on the line and the first time that the Dingoes had really been challenged save for the round four game against the Tokyo Bay Suns. Showing true grit and determination, the Dingoes worked together as one pack and won in a commanding fashion that should put them in good stead heading towards their third grand final appearance in three years. The Dingoes have shown on many occasions that they can win by big margins and most of their games have been all but over by half time, but the dogs from the merchant city really had to work hard for this one.

    This semi final was a true test of character and showed that when the chips are down the Dingoes will come up barking. This is the determination and style of play which must be shown for four quarters in the grand final if the Dingoes want to have any chance of winning. What was very pleasing was that when the pressure was on,almost every single player played a role in what was a very good team effort. That said though, Matt Gale finished with 14 goals and was awarded the best on ground honors and Nick Mezzino pitched in with the other 2 and was awarded third best on ground.

    So with that, the Dingoes march on to their third grand final in three years. Heading into this game, the Dingoes are quietly confident that they can come away with the win, but after such a close semi final, it is understood by all just how much scrap and determination is required. They certainly are the underdog, but this is the game the boys have been waiting for all year and with a few players playing their last game at the club and everything on the line, glory beckons. As for the Powers, their season is over. The Powers have played a commanding and scintillating style of football all year though, and with the bulk of their players still young, the future looks bright for them.

    Osaka Dingoes - 16.11:107, Senshu Powers - 13.8:86

    Goals:M.Gale 14, N.Mezzino 2
    Best: Team effort


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    Takaaki Seto - A veteran of Japanese football

    26th October, 2013


    With the development of the game of Australian football in Asia high on the agenda of the current AFL administration, we thought we would interview and share with you the thoughts of the Dingoes' Takaaki Seto, a man who has been involved in Japanese football for twelve years now and who was influential in establishing the university football system in Japan. 'Seto' as he is more commonly referred to, is currently a back pocket at the Osaka Dingoes and has represented Japan at the 2002, 2008 and 2011 International Cups. He won the Peter Wilson medal for league best and fairest in 2007, and won the Osaka Dingoes' best and fairest award in 2012.

    1. When were you first introduced to the game and what made you follow the Aussie Rules pathway.

    When I was in my first year of university, I joined in a game of Australian football for the first time. The game was played against the Tokyo Goannas. Australian football had hard tackling like in rugby, beautiful kicking like in soccer, and breathtaking aerial battles like in basketball. These aspects of the game quickly led me to be fascinated with Australian football.

    大学1年生の時に始めて 試合を体験しました。対戦相手はゴアナーズでしたがラグビーの様な激しいタックル、サッカーの様な綺麗なキック、バスケットの様な激しい空中戦にすぐにこのスポーツの虜になりました

    2. How would you describe your involvement with Australian Football?
    あなたとAFLの関わりついてどのように書き表せますか? 期待、要求、ハイライトなど

    When I was in my first year of university, there were only nine players on the Japan Samurais Australian Football team. We travelled overseas, but we did not have enough players for games, so needed to borrow players in order to play. As well as hard training everyday, we also needed to work hard on recruiting new players and visited all universities in the greater Tokyo area.

    Then, when I was in my fourth grade of University, our efforts paid off and we were able to start a university league with 3 university teams. These teams were the Komazawa Magpies, Waseda Leopards and Senshu Powers. (*These are all prestigious universities in Japan)

    I am now expecting the current generation of younger players currently participating in the university programs to tell and show their peers what Australian football is and introduce the game to more and more people.

    大学1年生でfootyを始めた時はサムライズ(大学生チーム)は9名しかいませんでした。海外遠征に行っても助っ人してもらい試合が出来るという状況。私達は練習と同じくらいリクルートにも力を入れました。 関東の各大学をまわりリクルートする日々でした。その努力も少しずつ実を結び、私が大学4年生の時に3チームによる大学リーグ(駒沢マグパイズ、専修パワーズ、早稲田レパーズ)をスタート出来るまでに大きくなりました。 今後、後輩達に期待する事は1人でも多くの人にfootyの魅力を伝えて日本でオーストラリアンフットボールを広めていって欲しいです。

    3. What prompted you to pursue developing the game in Japan?

    Of course I was interested in football because it is a fun and exciting sport, but it is also a great social scene, and I really enjoy mixing with people from all different backgrounds and having fun with everyone involved. These things keep me passionate about my involvement in football in Japan.


    4. What have been the biggest challenges and hurdles?

    The most challenging things with regards to football in Japan are recruiting players and finding grounds where we can play games. These are by far the biggest hurdles which we have faced.

    日本のオーストラリアンフットボールにおいては、①リクルーティング②プレイするグラウンドの確保 が困難で常にチャレンジしていかなければならない問題だと思います

    5. How do you see your progress so far?

    It has now been 12 years since I was a first year university student and I was first introduced to the game. Initially, I had no idea about the rules or strategies, but through trips to Australia for training and through participating in international matches, I got to know how to beat players with bigger bodies and learned about the strong points of a Japanese Australian football player (eg. Precision kicking, and agility). I don't think Japanese players are at the same level as Australian players just yet, but by focusing on our strengths, myself and younger players can be more than competitive against international opponents.


    6. What remaining goals do you have for yourself and the Japanese game?

    I will not participate in Samurais matches any more, however I hope to play football for a while longer until my body forces me to retire. I would like to set an example to the younger players and show them that even at my age I can still continue to play football.


    7. Given a choice, would you have been happier to go further at AFL level in Australia, or do you take more pride in seeing the game develop here in Japan?

    If I were a little younger, then I would like to try and play football in Australia, but given my circumstances, I would like to assist the younger players in Japan to improve their skills and would like to help make football famous in Japan.


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    Dingoes clip Magpies' Wings

    19th October, 2013


    On the 19th of October, the Osaka Dingoes faced the Komazawa University Magpies Football team at the Hattori Ryokuchi Soccer ground in Toyonaka City, Osaka. The game was a dead rubber with the Magpies winless in the 2013 season and the Dingoes having already secured second spot, guaranteeing a home semi final for themselves. Regardless, both teams were fired up and prepared for what would surely be an intense contest.

    The Dingoes asserted themselves from the opening whistle and kicked several early goals in quick succession. The Dingoes midfielders led by Nick Mezzino and Yuta Tsutsumi were getting first use, but Mitsugu Kazawa, the pocket rocket from Komazawa was getting his fair share of leather. By quarter time, the Dingoes had kicked 6 goals to the Magpies' 2.

    The second quarter saw more of the same as a Matt Gale led Osaka team added another 6.2 whilst the Magpies failed to register a goal. With Jonathan Cooper relishing his new role as a stopper down back, Dan Perry was making the most of his opportunity to play a full game in the ruck. The Magpies ruckmen are a tough task, and Dan did exceptionally well to hold the upper hand all day. Given the respective ladder positions of the two teams the result should never have been in doubt, and not surprisingly, the game was all but over at half time with the Dingoes holding a commanding 58 point lead.

    The second half of the game was played in a much more competitive fashion. The speed of the Magpies players proved a challenge for the Dingoes. Despite having a number of opportunties, poor execution by a lot of the Magpies players let them down, with the Dingoes' backline working well to intercept and turn over the majority of the ball that was coming in. Wily old Yazid Dardah's hamstrings were more than up for the challenge as he played an effective rebound role out of defense. The Magpies added 4.6 to the Dingoes' 9.4 for the half and the Dingoes finished up 86 point winners.

    The standout player on the ground all day again was Matt Gale who displayed the agility of a man half his age and finished with 15 goals. Sho Yamaguchi made a welcome return to football, and both he and Yusuke Matsuoka kicked their first goal of the season. In fact, Yusuke kicked his first goal ever, and the poor guy was lost when it came time to celebrate! It was fantastic to have the Mr.Mezzino/Mr.Gale cheer squad in the crowd too!

    The Dingoes now look forward to a home final against the Senshu Power who defeated the Eastern Hawks earlier in the day to claim third spot on the ladder. The winner of this game will go on to play the Tokyo Bay Suns who have earned a spot in the grand final with an almost certain top spot on the ladder. With the return of Jun Oikawa and Yuki Nakata, the Dingoes look very menacing heading into the business end of the season.

    The Magpies season is now over and the young Japanese players will turn their attention to national team training over the winter as the 2014 International Cup gets closer.

    Osaka Dingoes - 21.6:132, Komazawa Magpies - 6.10:46

    Goals:M.Gale 15, N.Mezzino 3, J.Bailey, S.Yamaguchi, Y.Matusoka
    Best: M.Gale, Y.Tsutsumi, J.Cooper, N.Mezzino, D.Perry


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    Dingoes hold Auskick clinic in Osaka

    12th October, 2013

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    Last year it was in Kobe and this year in Osaka. The Dingoes' annual Auskick session was held on Saturday the 12th of October. The session was run by Matt Gale, Nick Mezzino and Jonathan Cooper. The kids in attendance worked on handballing, kicking, marking, picking the ball up off the ground and competing for the ball on the ground. Everybody involved had a wonderful time and at the end of the day, the kids were rewarded for their hard work and enthusiasm with some Auskick prizes. Thank you to all parents who came down to the session, and the Dingoes hope that your children remain interested in football and stay involved with the Osaka Dingoes Football Club.

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    Dingoes shut off the Power

    21st September, 2013

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    On the 21st of September 2013, the Senshu Power travelled to Osaka for their round 6 clash against the Osaka Dingoes. Both teams came in with 4 wins from 5 attempts and the winning team would walk away with a home semi final just about signed, sealed and delivered. Following the recent typhoon and ground closures, both teams agreed to play the game on the outfield of a baseball ground.

    The game started ferociously as both teams fought for control. Each time one team kicked a few goals in a row, the other team would respond. Matt Gale was proving a mountain at full forward and the Senshu defenders were struggling to match him physically. Jonno Cooper was strong down back and combining well with Yazid Dardah and Yuki Nakata to make things tough for the Senshu University players. The score at quarter time was 6 goals straight to 3.4.

    The second quarter offered more of the same. The Dingoes led by Matt Gale added 6 goals 2 to the Senshu Power's 2.3. Nick Mezzino and Louis Patterson were getting first use of the ball with Big Dan Perry controlling the stoppages. Takaaki Seto, one of the elder statesmen of Japanese football spent the quarter cruising the wings like an old Rolls Royce. The Dingoes extended their lead to 37 points, but the Senshu Power had showed that they were capable of scoring quickly and the game was still in the balance.

    The third quarter was an arm wrestle with only three goals kicked between the two teams. The Dingoes managed 19 scoring shots to ? time compared to the Power's 17, but the Dingoes with 14 goals 5 were a lot more accurate than the Power who had managed only 6 goals and 11 behinds. The Dingoes extended their lead to 42 points at the last change.

    The last quarter was in complete contrast to the scrappy, low scoring third quarter. The Dingoes piled on 10 goals, but to their credit the Senshu boys did not give up and kicked the last few goals of the game. When the Senshu midfielders started streaming towards goal in numbers, the Dingo defenders struggled. Regardless, the damage had been inflicted early and the final margin was an impressive 78 points.

    For the Dingoes, Matt Gale was the standout player, finishing with 20 of 24 goals. For the Senshu team, Daichi Tanabe played an excellent game and led his team well. The game was played in excellent spirit and great sportsmanship was displayed throughout the day. The highlight of the day was when three Power players came off the bench to help an injured Dingo off the ground in the last quarter.

    The Osaka Dingoes now all but gurantee themselves second spot on the ladder which grants them a home semi final. Their last game of season 2013 is in Osaka against the yet winless Komazawa Magpies. The Senshu team must beat the Hawks in their final game to guarantee themselves a spot in the top three and another shot at the Osaka Dingoes in the semi final. The winner of this game will go on to play in the grand final against the Tokyo Bay Suns who look set to finish first and go straight through.

    Osaka Dingoes - 24.6:150, Senshu Power - 10.12:72

    Goals:M.Gale 20, N.Mezzino, J.Bailey 2
    Best: M.Gale, N.Mezzino, J.Cooper, T.Seto, D.Perry


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    Dingoes turn Lions into house cats

    7th September, 2013

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    On the 7th of September, the Osaka Dingoes gathered in Sakai for their Round 5 clash against the middle of the table R246 Lions. The Dingoes needed a win to take second spot back off the Senshu University Power who had been demolished by the Tokyo Bay Suns earlier in the day, and the Lions needed the points in order to keep their finals hopes alive. Both teams were somewhat undermanned, but the stage was set for a thrilling encounter with both teams ready to grab the proverbial bull by the horns.

    The Lions kicked the first goal of the first quarter, but the Dingoes responded well. The Dingoes intentions for the day were made clear at the next ball up as Jonathan Cooper punched the ball 20m to Jarrett Bailey at CHF. A goal was the result and another 6 unanswered goals would follow as the Dingoes skipped out to a commanding lead at quarter time. The center of the field was the hunting ground of Nick Mezzino and Louis Patterson as loose balls were rounded up and sent down the throat of a hungry Matt Gale at FF.

    Perhaps the boys got a bit ahead of themselves, but to their credit, the Lions responded as good teams do by kicking three in a row and closing the gap between them and the Dingoes. Yazid Dardah, Jonno Row, Yusuke Matsuoka, and Yuki Nakata worked hard down back to stem the tide as the Lions midfield began dominating the clearances. James Sosich also showed what type of footballer he was likely to become with some big (although sometimes illegal!) tackles. The Dingoes were forced to dig deep, but responded well with the last few goals of the quarter.

    Unfortunately with a limited bench, following several injuries, the Lions were unable to maintain their pressure throughout the day and tapered off in the last half. The Dingoes had an injury concern of their own as Yuki Nakata was once again carried from the field. This left a hole down back and forced a few changes in structure.

    The third quarter was a bit of a sloppy affair with the Dingoes playing loose unaccountable football. At one point, calling for his players to step up, Matt Gale pushed up the ground, gathered his own ball and kicked a goal from 60m out. The Dingoes kicked 6.2 for the quarter and extended their lead to 44 points.

    Another 6 goals straight was added in the last quarter and the final margin was 64 points. The boys in the sky and navy blue finished with an amazingly accurate 22 goals 5 for the match. Matt Gale kicked 11 straight and Nick Mezzino had a day out with a commanding 4 goals out of the middle. Jonathan Cooper and Daniel Perry did not lose a tap all day and Takaaki Seto was his normal self, running all day and kicking two big ones for good measure. Genki Tanaka worked very hard to set up the ground and seems to finally be getting over his ankle injury. It was encouraging to have Ryo Saito back in the team.

    The Dingoes move up to second spot on the ladder and a win in their next game against Senshu University on the 21st of September will guarantee a home semi final and make sure the Dingoes don’t need to make two trips to Tokyo during the finals series which they are now all but guaranteed to make. After two huge losses at the hands of the Suns and the Dingoes it is almost impossible for the Lions to finish in the top three and play finals this year. Still a slim mathematical chance, they must win their next game against the Goannas and they must win by a lot.

    Osaka Dingoes - 22.5:137, R246 Lions - 11.7:73

    Goals:M.Gale 11, N.Mezzino 4, J.Bailey, T.Seto, D.Perry 2, L.Patterson 1
    Best: N.Mezzino, M.Gale, J.Bailey, J.Cooper


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    Dingoes get a dose of Sunburn

    13th July, 2013

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    In sweltering conditions on the waterfront in Ashiya, the Dingoes and Suns met for a top of the table clash on the 13th of July, 2013. Both sides were a little bit off full strength and the weather conditions were not suited to football. Unfortunately, one of the more reliable defenders from the last few seasons, Yazid Dardah, was unavailable to play as he had started Ramadan the week before the game. Several other key players were late withdrawals.

    The Suns shocked the Dingoes at the start, establishing an early lead, and lead 4 goals to 1 at the first break. In the second quarter, the Suns showed the Osaka players a level of football that they have not been exposed to this year, kicking 10 goals straight to nothing. The Suns displayed a higher level of fitness and a well drilled style of play. Tokyo Bay led the clearances all day with a more determined attack on the ball and looked a lot more polished when they had the ball in their hands.

    After some stern words from their coach at half time, the Dingoes responded well and matched the Suns for the second half, but the damage had already been done, and the result was never in doubt. Brett Snowdon was the stand out player all day, dominating play at both ends of the ground and displaying extraordinary athleticism, but there was not a weak link for the victors, with every player doing what was required of them. James Sosich was playing his first game for the Dingoes, and with two 17 year olds in the team that took on the Suns, the future looks bright. The other 17 year old is Yusuke Matsuoka, who is playing in his second season and showing a lot of improvement.

    Unfortunately, the Osaka Dingoes glorious start to the year had to come to an end at some point, and it did so in grand fashion. Disappointingly, the Dingoes go into the Summer break in third place and will need to work hard if they want to have any hope of taking out the 2013 JAFL Premiership. A huge loss should prove to be a good reality check for a lot of Dingoes players who now know what level they need to be at to take out the title this year. In August, a combined JAFL team will travel to Thailand to compete in the Asian Championships. The Dingoes' next regular season game is no the 7th of September in Osaka against the R246 Lions who won convincingly the last time they came to Kansai.

    Osaka Dingoes - 5.8:38, Tokyo Bay Suns - 18.10: 118

    Goals:Matt Gale 3, Nick Mezzino, Jarrett Bailey 1
    Best: -


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    Dingoes exterminate Redbacks

    22nd June, 2013

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    On the 22nd of June, the Osaka Dingoes hosted the Nagoya Redbacks for their Round 3 clash at J-Green in Sakai City. The Dingoes were pushing to cement their spot near the top of the ladder, and the Redbacks were looking to open their account for the year. The weather gods turned up for the game with blue hazy Osaka skies and a light, refreshing breeze.

    The Dingoes burst out of the blocks with a 7 goal to 0 first quarter. The second quarter was a bit of an arm wrestle, but whilst adding four goals of their own, the Dingoes kept the Redbacks from kicking any. In typical Dingoes fashion, Osaka kicked 8 goals to 0 in the third quarter. By three quarter time, the Dingoes had piled on 19 goals whilst keeping the Redbacks goaless and went into the final quarter with a 116 point lead. The final quarter was a bit tighter with the Redbacks kicking 4 goals and the Dingoes 5.

    With Jonathan Cooper putting his hand up for umpiring duties, Dan Perry played all day in the ruck and with 28 goals kicked for the day was required to contest a lot of ball ups. Yuki Nakata was playing his first game for the year and played a much needed role at full back. Matt Gale was his usual menacing self, feeding off the good work of Nick Mezzino and Jun Oikawa through the middle of the ground, finishing the game with 13 goals to his name. Jarrett Bailey was covering ground like a greyhound and finished with 3 goals.

    The Dingoes have kicked over 100 points in every game this year. Today's game was the highest score ever kicked by the Dingoes and Matt Gale has already kicked more goals in a season than any Dingo. The Dingoes next game will be in Kyoto on the 13th of July against another powerful team who have been making light work of the opposition this season. The winner of this game will be the only undefeated team at the halfway mark of the season and will sit a game clear on top of the ladder.

    Osaka Dingoes - 24.9:153, Eastern Hawks - 4.7: 31

    Goals:M.Gale 13, J.Bailey 3, D.Perry, Y.Tsutsumi 2, Y.Dardah, L.Patterson, T.Seto, J.Oikawa 1
    Best: Matt Gale, Jarrett Bailey, Jun Oikawa

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    Dingoes thrash Hawks in 2011 Grand Final Rematch

    1st June, 2013

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    On the 1st of June, the Osaka Dingoes journeyed to the home ground of the JAFL at the Yokohama Country and Athletic Club to take on the Eastern Hawks for the first time since they defeated the Hawks at the same venue to win the 2011 JAFL Grandfinal. The Hawks had assembled an imposing squad of 14 experienced stalwarts and were looking menacing before the game, and the Dingoes were on the backfoot early, only managing to get a full squad together minutes before the opening bounce.

    The Hawks are always a very tenacious team, and they surprised a lot of Dingoes throughout the game with their attack on the ball. Their short passing and ability to find space around the ground also proved challenging for the larger and slower Dingoes team. Despite starting the game with their backs against the ropes though, the Dingoes kicked 4.7 with the wind in the first quarter and kept the Hawks scoreless. The second quarter was a little bit disappointing, and Matt Gale coaching his first game for the season asked his men to dig deep for the third quarter, known in football circles as the premiership quarter.

    The Dingoes turned it on in what is becoming a bit of a signature display of their ability, kicking 8.3 to 2.0. In the first two rounds of the 2013 JAFL season, the Dingoes have kicked 14.7 to 5.2 in the third quarters. A game ending ankle injury to the Vice President Genki Tanaka meant that the Dingoes finished the game with no bench. Helped by an innacurate 1.6 (and some shanks that didn't end up anywhere near the goals) from the Dingoes, to their credit, the Eastern Hawks fought valiantly to win the final quarter by 8 points. Still, the final quarter was merely a formality and the Dingoes finished the game 62 point winners.

    Once again, Matt Gale was a large tower of power at full forward and despite attracting the attention of up to three Hawks defenders at any one time, he still managed to kick a lazy 9 goals. Nick Mezzino turned it on on the big stage and was a class above the opposition, appearing to have the ball on a string. Jun Oikawa and Takaaki Seto dominated the backline and seemed to enjoy showing up their old friends at the Eastern Hawks. Congratulations to Lachlan Ainley on playing his first game for the club.

    The Dingoes have started the season with two wins from two games and are sitting pretty on top of the ladder with a huge percentage of over 200. The boys' next hitout will be on the evening of the 22nd of June at J-Green in Sakai. Both teams will be desparate for the points and the Redbacks will no doubt be looking for revenge for the defeat they suffered in the preseason.

    Osaka Dingoes - 16.20: 116, Eastern Hawks - 8.6: 54

    Goals:Matt Gale 9, Nick Mezzino 3, Genki Tanaka, Jun Oikawa, Jonathan Cooper, Jarrett Bailey 1
    Best: Matt Gale, Nick Mezzino, Jun Oikawa



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    3rd Quarter
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    Playing coach announced for 2013 season

    19th May, 2013


    The Osaka Dingoes are pleased to announce that Matt Gale has agreed to be a playing coach at the club in 2013. Matt arrived in Japan this year and has a very strong football pedigree, playing at a very high level in his home state of South Australia.

    In 2009, Matt was the recipent of the 2009 South Australian AFL School Ambassador of the Year for Secondary Schools award and has a long history of involvement in indigenous football programs. As well as coaching the club, Matt will be lining up at full forward this season and has kicked 18 goals from his first two games. He will also be a valuable asset as an anchor for the Dingoes' boat race teams! Go Dingoes!

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    Dingoes thrash Goannas in grand final rematch

    11th May, 2013

    goannateams View Gallery

    With a new look team and the scars of last year's 3 point grand final loss still fresh in mind, on May 11th, the Dingoes faced the Tokyo Goannas at J-Green stadium in Sakai City, Osaka. The boys in sky blue were confident following a big win in the preseason over the Nagoya Redbacks, but the Goannas are always a daunting prospect for any team in the JAFL.

    The Dingoes jumped out of the blocks early on and kicked the first major of the game within 20 seconds with Genki Tanaka snapping a magical goal from the pocket. After creating a four goal buffer at quarter time, the result never looked in doubt as the Dingoes went on to win every quarter of the day. To their credit, The Goannas had their patches of dominance, but the Dingoes were the better team on every line throughout the game.

    Matt Gale stamped his authority on the game early and provided a strong target at full forward, eventually finishing the game with 10 goals. The Dingoes onball brigade led by Louis Patterson and Nick Mezzino rotated well and ran circles around their opposition. Jonathan Cooper dominated all day in a lone hand in the ruck after the Goannas' starting ruckman went down with cracked ribs in the opening contest. Takaaki Seto backed up his best and fairest award in 2012 with a display of skill and poise. Jarret Bailey was playing his first game for the Dingoes and added some blistering pace off the wing. Chad Dykehouse in his third year at the Dingoes played his final game before returning to the United States, rewarding his fans in the crowd with a determined effort at every contest. Hopefully he can continue his football journey in the USAFL when he returns to his home country.

    The Dingoes next game will be played against the Eastern Hawks in Tokyo on June 1st. Players will probably take a fair bit of time to recover physically from what was a hard fought win, but after such a dominant display against a team that have dominated the JAFL for years, should be full of confidence as they fight tooth and nail against the team they defeated in the 2011 grand final.

    Osaka Dingoes - 17.9: 111, Tokyo Goannas - 8.10: 58

    Goals:Matt Gale 10, Jonathan Cooper, Genki Tanaka 2, Yuta Tsutsumi, Takaaki Seto, Louis Patterson 1
    Best: Matt Gale, Takaaki Seto, Genki Tanaka, Jonathan Cooper

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    Dingoes start season 2013 with a 7 goal win

    22nd April, 2013


    The Dingoes travelled to Toyota City on Sunday the 21st of April to play in a Western Japan challenge match against the Nagoya Redbacks. This was the first game for the Dingoes since their grand final loss in 2012, and a solid hit out for both teams before the upcoming commencement of the 2013 season. Both teams pride themselves on their attack on the football and big hits were sure to ensue.

    Osaka kicked away early on, and built on their lead up until 3/4 time. Much to their credit though, the Redbacks fought back strongly and won the last quarter. Both teams should be able to take a lot from this game which will give them a lot of confidence heading into Round 1.

    Matt Gale, Jai Jordan and Jonno Row were playing their first games for the Dingoes and all made solid contributions.

    Matt Gale had only been in Japan for two weeks and provided a target at full forward. He pulled down some very impressive grabs, and finished the game with 8 goals.

    Jai Jordon arrived with an exceptional football pedigree, and proved to be a class above, showing some exceptional skill on the wing and off the half back line. Unfortunately, Jai was playing his one and only game for the Dingoes this year and we wish him well in his future endeavours.

    Jonno Row was playing his first game of football for a number of years and made a solid contribution down back, proving that he will be a great addition to the Dingoes in 2013.

    Chad Dykehouse once again proved to be a rock down back, and attacked every contest like his life depended on it.

    Daniel Perry was a tower of power in the ruck in the first quarter, and was solid both down back and up forward for the rest of the game.

    Genki Tanaka ran hard all day and finished the game with a cut head after exhbiting immense courage and determination, trying to take down one of the biggest men on the ground.

    Jonathan Cooper showed the benefits of hard work off the track over the offseason, running the lines all day and attacking every constest with ferocity.

    Jun Oikawa was a very solid linkman through the middle of the ground and displayed his dexterity by producing some soild efforts around the ground.

    Louis Patterson was a solid contributor around the ground, and showed the Redbacks quite clearly that after taking on a co-captaincy role this year, he would not be happy with anything less than a premiership in 2013.

    Nick Mezzino was his usual self, leading by example in the midfield and providing a valuable link up role around the ground.

    Yusuke Matsuoka started on the ground for the first time and provided one of the highlights of the day by kicking his first goal. The goal was later disallowed, but it would be one that would be referred to the video in the AFL!

    Ryosuke Hosomi and Sho Yamaguchi made their first appearance for the year and both showed a lot of potential. Both players displayed a great deal of poise in their decision making.

    The Dingoes finished the game 42 point winners and despite a few brain fades from just about everyone, which is to be expected considering how long it had been between drinks for the boys, signs were positive for the year ahead. The next game will be a round 1 grand final rematch in Osaka against the Tokyo Goannas. With only two trainings to go before the clash between the two powerhouse teams of the JAFL, it is essential that players free up their Saturdays and get down to Nakatsu for a training run!

    Osaka Dingoes - 16.13: 109, Nagoya Redbacks - 10.6: 66


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    Players, sponsors, assistants required for 2013


    14th January, 2013

    The Osaka Dingoes will begin training in preparation for the 2013 season on the first weekend of February. We currently require players, sponsors and match day assistants to help make our 2013 season a successful one.


    For potential players:

    Australian football is a fast paced action packed game which is growing in popularity in Japan. It is often described as a mixture of basketball and rugby. For many Australians, it is more than just a sport - it is a religion. We cater to players of all levels and are very willing to teach anybody how to play. Should you take up the challenge, you will develop your fitness and can practice speaking many different languages in a fun and action packed environment.

    オーストラリアンフットボールは、早いテンポの動作で試合が行われ、現在日本でも人気となりつつあります。しいて言うならばバスケットボールとラグビーを合わせたようなスポーツです。オーストラリア人にとっては、ただのスポーツ以上の意味を持ち、 熱狂的な宗教のようになっています。私たちは、どんなレベルの選手にも適応し、またどんな人にでもどのようにプレーするか喜んで教えています。ぜひチャレンジしてみてください。体力面はもちろん向上し、さらに色んな言語の練習が楽しく行える環境でもあります。

    We train each Saturday at Nakatsu, and play 6 Top League games during the season as well as finals. We also play several pre season games as well as exhibition matches throughout the Kansai region at regular intervals. For talented Japanese players, there is an opportunity to represent Japan at the International Cup in Australia in 2014. If you are interested in being a part of something special, please contact the club at osakadingoes@hotmail.com, or check out our Facebook page.


    For potential sponsors:

    As the only team from Western Japan in what is largely a Tokyo based comptetion, financing our year is a challenge. The club must find money to pay for transportation, uniforms, ground hire, equipment, IT and countless other small expenditures. We are currently searching for any available financial assistance and would be wiling to coordinate a package with any potential sponsors, no matter how great or small. If you are interested in supporting our football club in 2013, please contact us at osakadingoes@hotmail.com.


    Please see our 2012 season review video for an idea of what our club does.

    Dingoes2012 投稿者 dm_50e164a2adb5e

    For potential assistants:

    We require score keepers, time keepers, aquatic distribution engineers, umpires and photographers. If you would like to help out in any of these areas or would just like to come to our games as supporters, please contact us at osakadingoes@hotmail.com or check out our Facebook page.


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